Mark Hecht

Writer. Teacher. Mentor.

Mark Hecht is a Canadian-British writer and teacher. Hecht has written pieces for Merion West, Areo magazine, and others. He has also authored chapters in the award winning Natural Resource Conflicts: From Blood Diamonds to Rainforest Destruction, and co-authored an undergraduate science and math textbook.

He was born to an English mother and a German-Russian father, raised in British Columbia, and spent most of his early life in Kelowna, alongside his brother. He received degrees in geography and city planning from the University of Victoria and the University of Manitoba, respectively.

After working a short stint as a city planning consultant, Hecht shifted gears and moved into the environmental field to become a supervisor with The Nature Trust of British Columbia. Seven years later he moved to Calgary and began more than a decade long career teaching at Mount Royal University. His teaching of undergraduate geography courses earned him an Award for Excellence in Teaching.

He now teaches online and writes on topics of social trust, migration and geopolitics. He also has his hand in fiction and really likes islands.

He currently lives on Canada’s west coast.