Mark Hecht

Writer. Teacher. Mentor.

Mark Hecht (born June 14, 1970) is a Canadian-British writer and commentator. Hecht has written pieces for publications such as Merion West and Areo Magazine.

He was born and raised in British Columbia to an English mother and German-Russian father, along with his brother, living most of his early life in Kelowna. He received degrees in geography and city planning from the University of Victoria and the University of Manitoba, respectively.

Fresh out of university he worked for a short time as a city planning consultant before switching into the environmental field with The Nature Trust of BC in the Okanagan Valley. He then spent over a decade at Mount Royal University in Alberta, teaching courses in geography, where he received an Award for Excellence in Teaching.

He now teaches online and writes on topics of social trust, migration and geopolitics. He also has his hand in fiction.

He currently lives on Vancouver Island, Canada.