Mark Hecht is a writer, teacher and occasional taunt. He has written articles for Merion West and Areo Magazine. He has also authored chapters in the award winning Natural Resource Conflicts: From Blood Diamonds to Rainforest Destruction and co-authored an undergraduate science textbook. His book, The Rules of Invasion, a biogeographical account of migration patterns in humans and other organisms, was launched in 2016.

He was born to an English mother and a German father and raised among the rugged mountains of British Columbia alongside his brother.

Hecht received degrees in geography and city planning from the University of Victoria and the University of Manitoba, respectively.

After his formal education he worked briefly as a city planning consultant before shifting gears and moving into the environmental field, predominantly with The Nature Trust of BC. His time in the bush among accomplished biologists, ecologists, native elders and others of great wisdom, left a deep and lasting impression on him that often informed his later writing. At the age of 37 he packed up, left the idyllic resort town of Penticton, and moved to the City of Calgary where he began teaching geography at Mount Royal University for more than a decade. His teaching earned him the “Award for Excellence in Teaching.”

He now writes on topics of social trust, freedom of speech, and other musings. He secretly has a hand in fiction and he really likes islands.

Currently, he lives on Canada’s west coast.