Is the American Economy Significantly Different than Europeans Think?

November 24, 2020. “Do you realize how strange it is that professionals can move more freely around Europe than they can in the U.S.? And that overall, Alabama has more autonomy over its regulations than France does.”

Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: a Discussion with Merlin Schaeffer

October 17, 2020. Ethnic diversity. The words will garner glee for some and dread for others.

Interview with Ruud Koopmans: Understanding Muslim Immigration to Europe

September 9, 2020. Every country that welcomes immigrants must ask fundamental questions about who will be allowed in and who will be excluded.

Interview with Oliver Strijbis: Swiss Lessons on Identity and National Unity

July 3, 2020. Almost all countries face the question of whether multiple ethnic groups can co-exist peacefully under the same umbrella of a single government.

Why Trust Prevents Nations from Tearing Themselves Apart

June 5, 2020. The backbone of a happy, healthy society is rooted in how much its citizens trust one another. If one place could teach a few things about creating a peaceful society, it would be Denmark.

Reconciliation Includes Sharing Toys

March 13, 2020. As we drove up, I could already imagine the headline: Two Middle-Aged White Men Drive onto Indian Reservation and Steal Mountain Bike in Broad Daylight. The truth is far more interesting.

Why Can’t We Criticize ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ Dogma?

November 17, 2019. The fact that people can’t even argue the basics of what is already well known, is disturbing.

Can Social Trust and Diversity Co-exist?

September 6, 2019. Sometimes they get too much publicity, but can you blame them? The Danes just seem to get things right. But even the Danes can make mistakes.